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The Hidden Secret to Rapid Fat Loss and Peak Endurance

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Zone 2 plays a crucial role in preventing chronic disease by improving the health and efficiency of your mitochondria, which is why training aerobic endurance and efficiency (i.e. zone 2 work) is the first element of my Centenarian Decathlon training program.

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Peter Attia
Founder of Early Medical

Exercising at an intensity below your aerobic threshold “improves mitochondrial fitness, efficiency, and flexibility. This diminishes the consequences of poor metabolism, improves the breakdown of glucose, enhances insulin resistance, and decreases the risks associated with various chronic diseases

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Dr. Howard Luks
Lead designer at Dropbox

I could go on for days talking about the benefits of zone training - how it improves your endurance, fat-burning, mental clarity, recovery time, ultimately speed, etc- but I would recommend looking into yourself and studying it if you are looking to maximize all of the above!

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David Goggins
Retired Navy SEAL

It's honestly not even that hard.

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Tammy Striler
My Mom

Table of Contents

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  1. 1

    Unlocking the Power of Zone Two

    • The Zone 2 Revolution: Transform Your Fitness
    • Why Zone 2 Training is Essential for Everyone
    • The Evolution of Zone 2: From Elite Athletes to Everyday Fitness

  2. 2

    The Science That Will Change Your Workouts Forever

    • Discover the Hidden Physiology Behind Zone 2 Training
    • Aerobic vs. Anaerobic: The Ultimate Fitness Debate
    • Supercharge Your Mitochondria for Peak Performance

  3. 3

    Mastering Heart Rate Control

    • Find Your Perfect Zone 2 Heart Rate with These Tips
    • The Best Tools to Monitor Your Heart Rate Like a Pro
    • Proven Methods to Stay Within Zone 2

  4. 4

    Lactate: The Hidden Key to Endurance

    • Unlock the Mystery of Lactate Production and Clearance
    • How Lactate Threshold Can Skyrocket Your Performance
    • Essential Tests to Understand Your Lactate Levels

  5. 5

    The Sleep Advantage: Rest Like a Champion

    • Why Sleep is Your Secret Weapon in Training
    • Proven Tips to Enhance Your Sleep Quality
    • Track, Improve, and Maximize Your Recovery

  6. 6

    Diet Hacks for Zone 2 Success

    • Eat Like an Athlete: Macronutrients for Maximum Endurance
    • Timing is Everything: When to Eat for Optimal Performance
    • Hydration Strategies that Give You an Edge

  7. 7

    Inspiring Stories: Real Results from Zone 2 Training

    • Life-Changing Success Stories from Zone 2 Enthusiasts
    • Case Studies: How Zone 2 Transformed Their Training Plans
    • Key Takeaways: Lessons from the Zone 2 Pros

  8. 8

    Supplement Smart: Boost Your Performance

    • Identify and Fix Nutritional Deficiencies with These Supplements
    • Endurance Athlete Essentials: What You Need to Know
    • Safe and Effective: The Ultimate Supplement Guide

  9. 9

    Hormones and Training: The Critical Connection

    • How Hormones Affect Your Training and Performance
    • Strategies for Maintaining Hormonal Balance
    • The Impact of Training on Hormone Levels

  10. 10

    Pro Tips: Inside the Minds of Elite Athletes

    • Professional Insights on Zone 2 Training
    • Training Regimens of World-Class Athletes
    • How to Incorporate Zone 2 into Your Routine

  11. 11

    Mental Toughness: The Mindset for Success

    • Building Mental Resilience
    • Staying Motivated and Consistent
    • Mindfulness and Focus in Training

  12. 12

    Personalize Your Zone 2 Training Plan

    • Creating a Customized Training Plan
    • Adjusting for Individual Goals and Needs
    • Integrating Zone 2 with Other Training Methods

  13. 13

    Track and Adjust: Optimizing Your Progress

    • Monitoring Your Improvements and Metrics
    • When and How to Modify Your Training
    • Ensuring Recovery and Preventing Overtraining

  14. 14

    Advanced Techniques for Elite Performance

    • Comparing HIIT and Zone 2: Finding the Balance
    • Cross-Training to Maximize Benefits
    • Leveraging Technology for Better Training

  15. 15

    Debunking Myths: The Truth About Zone 2 Training

    • Common Misconceptions Exposed
    • Answering Frequently Asked Questions
    • Tips for Long-Term Success and Sustainability

Zone Two Book

About the Author

Cole Striler is an ultra-marathon runner and has been studying the benefits of Zone 2 training for over half a decade. Zone 2 training has been instrumental in preventing injuries and promoting fat loss. Now, Cole is channeling his expertise into a new book, aiming to help others harness the benefits of Zone 2 training for improved athletic performance and overall health.

Pre-order now

Coming spring 2025